Youth Employment

During the upcoming days it will take place in Roma the Youth Employment Event. This event is a follow up of the diverse meetings that took place during the past months that drove us to the Paris meeting. Those events have been started thanks to the effort of FNG, CJE, CNAJEP, CNJ and DNK, afterwards our platform joined this initiative when it was understood the importance of the topic.

European Youth Forum needs to be the main actor proposing, monitoring and denouncing the situation of youth employment in Europe. Nowadays is one of the main issues that we are facing, finding the first job, finding a quality job and also having the same working conditions as the rest. We need to remember that this problem has been increased due to the crisis, but even in the good years the youth unemployment rate was always at least double as the general one.

We need to develop tools and studies that will allow us to monitor the current situation of the youth employment. This way, and with evidences we could be stronger and more reliable denouncing the situation that young people is facing. Also based on those facts we will be able together with our Member Organizations to develop our positions and policies related to more quality jobs for young people.

In order to create this more quality jobs for everyone but specially for young people we need to continue claiming the need to invest more, facilitate the path for those willing to be entrepreneurs, focus on new market niches and increase the investment in Research, Development and Innovation.


Youth emancipation

What all young people in Europe are aiming to is to build our own autonomous project of life. In order to assure it, as platform we need to lobby to assure all young people the access to quality education, to have a quality job, access to the health system, a decent housing, have the support of the welfare system and of course access to the decision making process. I have already talked about decision making processes and quality jobs will be a topic itself in following posts.

We don’t have to forget that in all this approach we need to have as general framework the intergenerational solidarity and cohesion. We need to assure that the future generations will have the same opportunities that we had, but also we need to assure that the actual generation has the same opportunities as our parents’ one.

One of the main problems we are facing nowadays is the access to quality education. Tuition fees are rising, and at the same time the support structure of scholarships is being reduced. This means that we are excluding from the education system every year more young people that due to the economic situation.

We also need to lobby to create policies that allow young people to have their own house. Support for the rent, affordable housing, and public housing for young people are ideas that we have to explore.

Last but not least all support structures that the welfare system and the health system need to be sustainable, in order to assure that we will be able to benefit from them and that the following generations will also have access.

Youth participation

Our role as platform is being the voice of young people in Europe, that is why we have to fight to have our voice and the voice of young people heard and taken in account in every policy developed in Europe that deals with issues affecting us. We have to foster participatory processes that will allow young people to influence those decisions.

We already have some good practices in place, Structured Dialogue and the Co-management system. We need to stress the need to make the SD a real policy development mechanism, not only a consultation process, but it is also true that is allowing us to have direct discussions with decision makers and responsible of youth policies. But the system we have to lobby to apply everywhere is the Co-management. This system puts in the decision making process at the same level young people and political responsible, sharing with equality the decision taken.

We also need to stress our system of participating. We are a platform of youth organizations, we believe in the idea that united we are stronger, that we empower each other to grow and that is why we need to get involved. That doesn’t mean that other ways of participation, as individuals, spontaneous, or on-line are not valid, but we have to promote our system in all Europe and fight the threatens that in some places our model is facing

For Youth Rights

The main priority of the European Youth Forum in my point of view is Youth Rights, that is why we use it as slogan for the platform. I believe there are three key aspects we have to work with when talking about youth rights.

First of all, and as general approach to our daily work, we have to make sure that all our policies have a rights based approach in order to assure that we are addressing the real needs of young people as full citizens.

The main task for our platform is assuring the access of young people to their rights. In the actual legal framework in Europe there are a set of rights that apply directly to young people and that due to the actual situation are constantly threatened. We need to have special attention with the access to quality education, quality jobs, housing, mobility, adequate healthcare, social security system, participation in decision-making processes, gender equality, no-discrimination and protection of vulnerable groups. There is the need to stablish permanent mechanisms to monitor the implementation of the access of youth rights with diverse studies, that will allow us to denounce the situation and to propose new policies based on those evidences.

But we don’t have to forget that Youth is a group with specific needs and realities. It is a period of our lives where we finish our education, face the entrance to the labor market and start to set our projects of lives. Those specific needs and realities are a set of Youth Rights that are particular for us. That is why the third point that we need to continue fighting for as long term goal is a European legal framework on Youth Rights.

“Good Governance Manifesto for YFJ”

As Vice President Candidate I am proud to announce that I signed together with my Organization, Consejo de la Juventud de España (CJE), the “Good Governance Manifesto for YFJ” presented by the Exchange group organizations (YEU, EEE-YFU, AEGEE, ESN, SCI, Alliance, EFIL) and WOSM.

The organisations and individuals who commit to support “Good Governance for the YFJ” do so with the firm belief that a Board which effectively governs the European Youth Forum through strong and clear vision, integrity and focus can lead the YFJ to achieve its fullest potential.  They also believe the individuals and team that make up the Board should aim to continuously learn and develop during their mandates, thus contributing to greater Board effectiveness.

Southern Youth Councils’ YFJ Priorities

Southern Youth Councils’ YFJ Priorities 

The National Youth Councils of Bulgaria (NYF), Catalonia (CNJC), Croatia (MMH), Cyprus (CYC), France (CNAJEP), Greece (ESYN), Italy (FNG), Malta (KNZ), Portugal (CNJ), Romania (CTR), Serbia (KOMS), Spain (CJE) and Slovenia (MSS) agreed on a common strategy for the mandate 2015-2016. The Southern Youth Councils will continue to contribute to the development of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) and its membership focusing on some key areas that we consider strategic for the future of the European Youth. As a general framework for joint actions and priorities we identify four dimensions:

1. Youth Employment

2. Strengthening YFJ by empowering youth organizations in Europe and in other regions

3. Youth Autonomy and access to rights

4. International cooperation: reinforce the civil society

If elected as YFJ Vice President this four dimension will be on the top of my agenda

New blog

I am happy to present you all, this small window that I am going to use the upcoming days to share with you my positions and my thoughts related to the European Youth Forum.

As you are all aware the upcoming 20th to 22nd of November our platform will have their General Assembly where we will renew the statutory bodies. I am honored to have been nominated by the Spanish Youth Council (CJE) for the position of Vice President on behalf of the National Youth Councils. In order for you all to know better my positions and myself and to exchange point of views I am creating this blog.

The upcoming two years are full of challenges for our platform, gain again our trust in front of a renewed European Parliament and European Commission, put youth as central point of the policies that those bodies will develop, have a better and more effective coordination with the Advisory Council on Youth of the CoE, define a set of goals that focus on youth on the post 2015 agenda and continue the path that will lead us to a Permanent Forum on Youth at UN level, among others.

The main thematic priorities in my point of view have to be youth emancipation with special focus on youth employment, youth participation and global cooperation.

In the next days I will be using this blog to develop this and more ideas in order for all Member Organizations of the European Youth Forum to know me better and hopefully convince you to support my candidature as Vice President.